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Boudoir to Reclaim Your Body and Heal, Featuring Diana.


Four years ago this fall Diana and I were at lunch with a mutual friend,  although it was the first time we were out together socially I felt I could trust her completely.  Some women just hold space beautifully for other women, Diana is one of them. I  opened up about my fears that I was carrying an unviable pregnancy, […]

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Love Always Wins.


It’s no secret how much I love love.  I was a wedding photographer for over a decade and cried at every wedding I photographed.  But there weren’t enough hours in the day to continue to shoot weddings, and pursue other creative passions.  These days when I have the opportunity to be involved in an engagement […]

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Here’s Gemma!!!!


Well she’s finally here and we’re overjoyed!  Gemma Rose Cirolia took her time entering this world,  but arrived at 7:49 on August 25th ready to party.   We had an exhilarating first week, and it was love at first sight even for big brother Shea.  Below are some of my favorite images from her debut, Gemma will have […]

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