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Flash ‘Em Friday! Halfway To Bebe, The Five-Month Bump Report!


Happy Rainy Friday! I’m back from a blissful week in Anguilla doing nothing but endless beach walks, eating delicious food and reading for pleasure.   This was one of my favorite vacations of all time, and I finished an entire book! Tom and I discovered on the plane that the book a friend lent me was […]

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Bringing The Boudoir To You, Is Your Preferred Shoot Location Your Own Home?


After 6 years of focusing on boudoir sessions, one of my biggest pleasures is working with repeat clients.  These sessions become an annual retreat day, the excitement builds in planning our shoots,  and  you relive the day throughout the year with your images.  Trust and comfort is long established and the shoots are thrilling for both of us. […]

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It’s My Second Birfday Today!

SMCalvin K9 B&W

I’m a big boy now and I’ve been chosen as the first spokesmodel for Calvin K9!  It’s going to be a another great year. I’m the obvious choice because I have so many of the zact same qualities as the current Calvin’s human spokesmodel Justin Beiber. Me and The Beibs We are both sooper handsome, sooper talented, […]

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